Occupy Flash- Death of flash project

As HTML5 is creating circumstances for the death of Flash, a group of creative developers have launched a special project known as Occupy Flash. The goal of this project is to abandon the Adobe Flash Player.

Occupy Flash is a website that is made using HTML5. They list the major reasons why it is the right time to say goodbye to age-old Flash and move on to something better. We all know that the Flash plugin gives constant error messages- thanks to the hundreds of bugs that infest it. Also, it needs regular updates, which is rather annoying.

Apart from that, another fact is that Adobe is not paying attention to mobile devices, so if you need something to play Flash files on your mobile devices, you would be having a lot of trouble. Do you think that the time to say good bye to flash has come? We think that it would take some more time, since there are many websites that still use Flash player, and are gradually turning towards HTML5.

Let’s wait and see if Adobe answers these questions in the coming days.

  • Sam

    It’s a mistake to use OWS slogan for non-political things. OWS is controversial – many people don’t like it. simply wrong.

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    Glad we are not alone!
    In case you weren’t aware, Flash sites :

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    – Don’t fully show up on Google Search.
    – Content is Not Shareable on Facebook & Twitter.
    – Are not SEO Optimized.

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  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Steven

    Nonsense. The distinction between "political" and "nonpolitical" is bogus. (Almost everything that is normally categorized as "nonpolitical" has a pretty obvious political dimension to it if you think about it for a minute or two. In practice, "nonpolitical" only means "things power doesn’t want you to think about.") Furthermore, Open Source software is a political movement. The creation of software patents is political; their abolition is thus also political.

  • HHH

    I agree, especially when the website speaks of a "Manifesto" it implies very political means that is off putting. It certainly comes from the "Stallman" faction of open source rather than the "Torvalds," or "Linux Mint faction."

    Flash is buggy, but they should stress the argument that it isn’t a universal standard with an open source. I have tried many open source buggy pieces of software, it’s not something Adobe flash has a monopoly on.

    As the linux community generally supports freedom in the fullest sense, the Marxist implication is counter productive.

    PRODUCE HTML5 CONTENT THAT IS SUPERIOR TO FLASH, is an idea! It should be very easy!

  • Sam

    Well. Tell you what – most republicans, I don’t know how many there are – 45% or so will run away from anything that’s "occupy". Flash is dying on it’s own anyway and there is no reason to polarize development community with this common-sense thing. Actually – in case with republican devs this will work just an opposite. ever heard of NLP techniques? I wouldn’t be surprised if this campaign was actually started by Adobe.

  • Sam

    There is a reason why most development IRC channels explicitly say: "NO POLITICS". Because anywhere where politics is involved discussion becomes non productive and leads to exactly zero things being accomplished.

  • Jakobsternberg
  • whatrevolution

    The Occupy HTML website uses too much JavaScript, so I’m not allowing it in NoScript. This mindspace unoccupied.