No MySQL, no Java in oracle developing plans ?

Here is the Oracle’s latest ad in the Wall Street Journal today to Sun customers about Oracle’s plans , oracle promise their costumers to spend more money developing SPARC, Solaris, Hardware !!!!! Where is MySQL ,java ?????? See the ad and comment

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  • bart

    Talk about alarmist writing.

    The market had and has expressed doubts about Oracle picking up the hardware business (and by extension the OS). There was little doubt about Oracle’s plans for Java. And really, MySQL is just a trademark held by Sun at this point: InnoDB is already owned by Oracle and the MySQL people have mostly left Sun…

    So, seen that it’s the hardware side of things that customers need reassuring about would it not make sense that that’s what they write their ad about?

    (And it’s an ad, not a business plan… so not each and every product’s going to get a mention)

  • Patrick

    Hear Hear. Talk about FUD…