Nice collection of themes for Ubuntu | Gnome

This is a nice collection of themes for ubuntu and Gnome 


1- My “air” Gnome desktop

Ubuntu 10.04

GTK 2.x Theme/Style : [link]

Enable RGBA Transparency : [link]

Icones : [link]

Emerald Theme : [link]

Icones dock token by ~brsev : [link]

Dockbarx theme by BigRZA :[link]

2- Arbeit Aurora


To use this theme Aurora engine and Murrine engine are required (See our previous post how to install Murrine and Aurore).

3- Zuki

Zuki require these engines:

Murrine engine

-The Pixbuf/pixmap engine

– The latest Equinox engine –

4- Elegant Zenburn

5- Chrome 2.0

6- Eco

Eco from Bisigi

Eco is the latest theme from the popular Bisigi project, this theme has been designed to be used in dark rooms. The various components are darker than is other bisigi themes. The theme comes with a nice green Wallpaper, 2 GTK theme, 2 Metacity theme and 1 icon package.

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