New version of aMSN is available with new features

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Few days ago, a new  version of AMSN (0.98.1 stable) was released. AMSN is a Microsoft Messenger clone. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends and exchange instant messages and files. This version makes aMSN a complete msn clone for Linux.

aMSN main features include: Offline Messaging, Voice Clips, Display pictures, Custom emoticons, Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported), Webcam support, Sign in to more than one account at once, Full-speed File transfers, Group support, Normal, and animated emoticons with sounds, Chat logs, Timestamping, Event alarms, Conferencing support, Tabbed chat windows.

More features can be added to aMSN with plugins , or completely change its look with different skins

For ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install amsn

For Mandriva :

urpmi amsn

For Fedora :

yum install amsn

For other distros see this page

Links :

For questions please refer to our Q/A forum at :

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