Must Learn Tips And Tricks For Android Honeycomb Tab

Must Learn Tips And Tricks For Android Honeycomb Tab

Are you trying to figure out ways to use your android 3.0 device? Well, you are not the only one. Android 3.0 is highly customizable, but you may not learn it as fast as you would learn about iOS. Listed are some crucial tips for android 3.0 users to help them exploit the power of their new tablets.

  1. Improve web browsing:Well, android can allow you to see all kinds of Flash based content effortlessly. However, the problem arises with websites with banner ads as they bring down the speed of web browsing. In the browser settings tab, you will find an ‘advanced’ tab. Just change the ‘Enable plug-ins’ option to another option called ‘on demand’. So, you can only open Flash applications you like by clicking on an arrowAndroid Honeycomb

    on screen.

  2. See web pages as they are: Watching web pages designed for mobile platform on a 10-inch tablet can be really annoying. In fact, you will hate using the web after a while. To change the viewing, go to the advanced tab on your browser’s settings and chance the existing ‘User agent string’ to options such as desktop or tablet.
  3. Getting the 3.1 browser: If you want to use the 3.1 browser for fast speed, just go to Labs under the Settings tab to find the option for Quick Controls. You can find the small thumbwheel to be turned on as standard.
  4. Encrypting your data: This is one of the essential things to know for tablet users. Android Honeycomb allows you to save your data from being misused when your tablet is misplaced or stolen. What you need to do is to charge your battery and add a password to lock screen. Once you are done, go to the ‘Location and Security’ tab under settings.
  5. Finding apps from the menu: If you have too many applications installed on your android device, you might have to struggle to find the right application. There’s and easy option in the menu of installed application where you can choose to see ‘all’ or only the ‘downloaded applications.
  6. Making your battery last longer: If you want to save the charge on your tablet, you can go to the “Wireless & Networks” tab under Settings and can alter the wireless settings. You will find the option ‘WiFi Sleep Policy’, which needs to be changed to ‘’When screen turns off’. Without any hassles, this will save your battery charge as the wireless antenna will be disconnected on standby.
  7. Speeding up your browser: There are some pages that seem to take centuries to open. You can try to boost to speed by opening the settings tab under browser to turn off OpenGL rendering. The success of this tactic may vary, but you will definitely be in a better status with browsing.

With these seven essential tips, the happiness of using your android 3.0 tablet will multiply. Just ensure that you browse the various settings on your own, so that you can locate other essentials.

  • Bloodflame87

    Who is still using 3.0 these days? Every single Honeycomb device has an official update to at least 3.2 by now. Moreso, who is still using Honeycomb at all? Most tablets have updated to Ice Cream Sandwich already. And for those that haven’t, it’s not hard to flash ICS with a little bit of tweaking. Most of these last-gen tablets have Tegra 2’s which made it easy to port ICS.

    I guess what I’m getting at, is that even though this article was posted today, it sounds a little outdated. Even with ICS out of the way, there’s no reason why every tablet shouldn’t have AT LEAST 3.2 by now, which is actually a huge improvement in a lot of areas. Now, I will admit that I know my way around Android with my eyes closed, but even so, I must say these “tips” are mostly common knowledge among tablet owners. But then again, that might be because of the circles I work in, and they might be lesser known among the average user or someone new to Android.

    In any case, thanks for writing.