Migrating from Microsoft office to openoffice.org


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Question : How i can migrate from Microsoft office to openoffice.org ? Does exist a guide for this ?openoffice_logo



Answer :

If you are using Microsoft office for years and you decided to move to openoffice, will be considered a good decision for several reasons, the most important is related to the costs of MS office.

So if you want to migrate is important to know differences in use between Ms Office and Openoffice.org, and things like :

Differences In Use Between Writer and Microsoft Word

Differences In Use Between Calc and Microsoft Excel

Differences In Use Between Impress and Microsoft Powerpoint

Sharing Files With Microsoft Office Users

There are many guides that can explain this to you in details like this guide from Linuxtopia

or this guide from sun microsytems

You can always find more documentations, howtos and tutorials about using openoffice at this page