Microsoft calls Zoho the “Fake Office”. Zoho responds with

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One of the reason why Microsoft attracts so much bad press is their trash talk. If you follow Microsoft’s recent track record you will see a pattern. It begins with Steve Ballmer or any spokesperson from Microsoft making a disparaging comment about something, usually a competitor’s product. Later the product goes on to become a huge success and those blockheaded comments come around to kick Microsoft on their ass. More often than not, Microsoft ends up eating their own words.

In a recent interview, Ron Markezich, corporate VP of Microsoft’s online Office application – Microsoft Online, said:

We’re not seeing any inclination that Zoho or Google or Zimbra or any other of those offering fake Office capabilities can replace [Microsoft Office]

Mr Markezich’s comment carries a certain degree of truth. But the name calling is uncalled for.

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, made a fitting reply. Then they decided to get some chuckle out of it and registered a new domain to pitch their views on Microsoft. This is so amusing!

Fake Office – The Movie


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