Meet Jolla, A Linux Smartphone

Meet Jolla, A Linux Smartphone

I had never heard of Jolla until the day i met a very nice guy in Europython that introduced me to Jolla smartphone and its operating system. My friend was using the Jolla smartphone at the time i met him and he told me alot about its history, the design and features of this smartphone and its operating system. Today i will try to give you guys some basic information about this os.

What is Jolla? Who created it?

Jolla is a smartphone from Finland which runs Sailfish operating system. Many thought that this smartphone never came to be, but the hard work and dedication of developers and engineers made it possible.

jolla-sailfish-os-2Short History

The decision of Nokia to go with Windows Phone and abandon MeeGo mobile operating system disappointed the developers that had worked very hard and put countless hours on the MeeGo platform. They ended up jobless and very disappointed. They loved the project they had been working on, so they did not give up, they stayed together and worked hard on the project and the result is Jolla, not only a smartphone but also a movement. These developers had a dream, and they chased it! An example that everybody should look at the moments of thinking to give up.

Features and Specifications

Now time for some information about Jolla. How do I pronounce Jolla? Jolla is pronounced (yoh-lah), it runs on dual core processor, offers 16 gb of storage, microSD port and it has an 8 megapixel camera for you fashionistas out there. A very cool feature about Jolla smartphone is the backplate feature which allows you to switch through different profiles. Do you want to impress your kids with Jolla smartphone? Then use the multi-colored backplate option which lets you switch from work profiles to play profiles. What about the Jolla smartphone’s screen? The Jolla smartphone is equipped with a 4.5-inch touchscreen referred by the company as ‘Estrade’ display.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think there is something important i missed to tell you guys about the Jolla smartphone. Ah, the price. I don’t want to tell you about the price, i want to see how curious you are about it, so my friend Google with help you with the information about the price.

  • Myles Fister

    Over $500

  • allen markow

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  • Teddy Lovely

    @@, with that price I think I will donate for Ubuntu phone project and waiting for Ubuntu phone next year.

  • sail-o-n

    Good luck with spy mobile

  • Canol Gökel

    They are a little bit different (Ubuntu Edge tries to be the best phone spec-wise whereas Jolla will be like Lumia 820 when it is out.) and there is almost a 170$ difference in price which is significant. Also Jolla will be out by the end of the year (we already saw the prototype devices) whereas Ubuntu Edge is basically in a concept stage and targets middle of the next year.

  • Jolla-Enthusiast

    The price will be 399€…. learn how to google (the first link told me the correct price)

  • Oleksii Serdiuk

    399 EUR IS over 500 USD… learn how to convert currencies :-)