Manage hundreds of machines from a single interface the easy way with KontrolPack


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KontrolPackKontrolPack is a cross-platform network controller. You can manage your computers and execute the same shell commands on them regardless of the operating system. On top of this, it provides an easy interface that can be used to view your LAN activity and manage your network without difficulties.

For example if you need to manage multiple desktops at the same time Linux, Mac and Windows based this is the tool you need to have at hand. KontrolPack gives you the ability to manage hundreds of machines from a single interface.

The purpose of KontrolPack is to improve interoperability between systems by connecting remote computers, regardless of their operating system. It can be used to:

  • Handle remote shell command execution.
  • Share files between remote computers.
  • Manage your network: LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Get an overview of the workstations on your LAN.
  • Lightweight XML based message exchange between client and server.
  • Handle each client with a personalized tab panel.
  • Send commands simultaneously to all computers on your LAN.
  • Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, MS Windows).


    Installation :

    - For Ubuntu :

    You can install KontrolPack from ubuntu software center. or by command line ( This will install the version 2.03 while the latest version is 2.07) :

    sudo apt-get install kontrolpack

    -Install the latest version of KontrolPack in Ubuntu

    If you want to install the latest version in Ubuntu, then Download and unzip the KontrolPack tar.gz file for Linux.
    Then, go in the unziped “KontrolPack” directory and install KontrolPack executing the following script in a terminal:

    sudo sh ./

    Using KontrolPack:

    Each KontrolPack release can be started in two different modes (see screenshot bellow) : Server mode or Client mode. KontrolPack started in Server Mode provide a user friendly graphical interface to control remotely hundreds of KontrolPack started in Client mode on a local area network.

    • KontrolPack in Client mode must be installed on every computer you want to control, client’s goal is to execute shell commands received from KontrolPack started in Server mode.
    • KontrolPack in Server mode is the server which will allow users to control every clients. Server mode provides tools to control remote clients.

    Server mode

                                                                  Image Credit : Kontrolpack

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