Make apt-get Installations and Upgrades 26x faster with apt-fast

The apt-fast script  little shellscript that increases the speed of apt-get by many times. You need to have the axel download accelerator installed, which is a simple, short process, but everything else is extremely straight forward. After installing and using apt-fast   you will notice that the speed of downloading  and installing a package  is  more than 26 times faster than before.

  • Installing apt-fast

To install apt-fast you need first to download and install the axel download accelerator. It is really a good drop-in replacement for wget, as it is bash based. Once installed, we are ready to setup apt-fast.

For Ubuntu and LinuxMint users :

 sudo apt-get install axel

Now open terminal and enter the following commands, this will add  repository ,update and install and install apt-fast

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tldm217/
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apt-fast
  • Using apt-fast

To install a single package, make sure your database is up to date apt-fast update run 

apt-fast install packagename

You will notice that the speed of downloading the package has increased.

Now To upgrade or dist-upgrade, do the same thing.

 apt-fast dist-upgrade or apt-fast upgrade.

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