@Mail Webmail System installation for linux-ATMAIL-


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atmail.gif AtMail is an open source webmail client written in PHP. Is an elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers, with less bloat and a focus on an intuitive, simple user interface, in this tutorials we will show you how to install open ATMAIL in CentOS 5.2,(The installation work also for other linux distributions)Before to begin we suppose that :

1- we will install ATMAIL in /var/www/web1/web/

2- The link to your ATMAIL webmail will be www.exemple.com/atmailopen/ (after you can change the directory name to webmail)

First open the command line, and type the command :

cd /var/www/web1/web/

After type the command below to download atmail to your server :

wget http://atmail.org/download/atmailopen.tgz

3- extract the tar file and remove some files:

tar xfvz atmailopen.tgz

rm atmailopen-1.01.tgz

4-Now type the command below to make your Atmail system writeable for Apache

chown -R apache atmailopen

5- Now within your webbrowser type your webadress ,in our example :www.exemple.com/atmailopen/

6- Scrole down and press continue then you will have something like this (pic-1 and pic-2):

Pic 1 and 2





Then click accept term and condition and then continue ,after fill in your SQL details and the name you wish to use for your database in my case see pic -3 blow and then click continue:

Now fill in your email (can be administrator email) “Use SMTP Authentication” is not required (Pic-4)and click on continue :



Pic -4

Now if you have already an webmail system and you want to migrate choose one Pic-5 ,if not click continue


Now congratulation installation is complete, Atmail is ready to use pic-6


Now login to your webmail

Thank you and see you in my Next tutorial You can join our forum for help :