LinuxMint : Helena ! The beauty is coming

LinuxMint8 RC1 was released this week, the new release comes with new features and improvements, My first impression when I first installed Helena RC1 was that the team of LinuxMint are really doing a great Job,  I had no problem with the installation, the live cd detected all my hardware , got no problem with my nvidea card, with resolution… , I had the feeling like i was not on a RC1 release but in a final release, because worked just fine and was very stable. I will leave you with this video to have a tour on LinuxMint8 Helena RC1. I  can just  say : Helena ! The beauty is coming ……….





What`s new in LinuxMint8 Helena8

-The new software manager now with a new interface and more easy to use than ever,

-update manager improved ,

-Upload manager also improved,

-Linux Mint 8 Helena comes with up to date version of the Gnome Colors icon theme and the Shiki gtk theme.

-Upstream Improvements : Linux Mint 8 Helena comes with a linux 2.6.31 kernel. Gnome2.28..

See whats new detailed on the Linxmint Blog

  • MintLover

    Alot of people are complaining about a green box around the initial usplash image. I didnt have that problem at all. So far Mint 8 has been perfect. Aside from the Wallpaper.

  • frank

    Is it just my preference, or has the Gnome team got a thing for huge desktop icons?

    I know you can set a 66% icon view, and as that’s quite proportional to the icons in the panel is essentially my point…33% oversize by default.


  • DOM

    Is Linux Mint 8 Helena still based on Ubuntu 9.04?

  • zinovsky

    LinuxMint 8 Helina is based on ubuntu9.10 Karmic Koala