LinuxMint 10 Julia screenshots Tour

Few days ago LinuxMint 10 Julia RC1 was released, this release comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your linux-mintdesktop even more comfortable to use.

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  • Dieter Spahn

    The panel of Linux Mint 10 is currently very ugly. Try to resize the panel to a size other then the default, for example, to a size of 32 and see how it looks. I hope this will be fixed for the final release!

  • Zinovsky

    I agree with you about the Menu. But in general we have to congratulate the team of LinuxMint for the great Job they are doing.

  • max

    dual boot
    Almost all reviewers seem to choose :use entire disk"
    If you look at the forums you still quite a few posts that have trouble with dual (or multiple) boots.
    Perhaps you could show that there is a tutorial for this?
    A beautiful presentation. The best I have seen

  • mark

    Isn’t that the brush metal look from the old, old MacOS? If you’re going to copy the Mac, at least copy Snow Leopard. Panel doesn’t match the Metacity style. Looks like a hodgepodge of lame themes.

    Why are linux distros so ugly? So many good themers on gnome-look. Ask them for advice.

  • World of Basketball

    Looking forward for stable relase of Linux Mint 10. RC looks good, but I would agree with guys about menu.
    Can’t wait for stable release.

  • neo

    the menu is very good i congratulate the team