Leaked links to Ubuntu koala final-released-

Every one is waiting for the Final edition comming next days . but some links are already leaked . Koala will change your linux mind . and will give you the power of the opensource , and will give your the speed and the stablity of your system. please follow the links o download it now.

Please note that the Links are Daily CD images, is not 100% final edition

Updated 29-10-2009 : Karmic koala is released here is the link to download the final version :


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  • http://blab.ck Somebody



  • zinovsky

    Yes i know is not a trusted download source, i added a note above about that and i stopped download from these link.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that it’s an untrusted source, it’s that this is NOT the final version, which is still under development. Pirate9 is either malicious or an idiot. If you can, Zinovsky, you should take this page down as it’s registering on LXer feeds etc

  • marko

    Thanks. its daily version but should be 98% near to final version

  • mark

    I see no point of downloading this non-final version. You can download release candidate and update packages when final release is ready.

    But even better if you waited so much time, wait one more day.

  • http://Bettertowaitsomehourmoretodownloadthefinalversion zinovsky

    For me i see is not a good idea to download this version, perhaps it is 99% near to the final version but waiting some hour for the announcement of the final version by Ubuntu will be better.

  • SpEcIeS

    Nothing that won’t be available via updates.

  • Eddie Wilson

    It is a trusted site, and they are daily builds. There is no benefit from waiting until final. Updates will make it final and you won’t have to wade through the overloaded servers.

  • bratizPirate

    The real final (with different MD5 sum) was leaked last night onto Pirate Bay 8)

    In fact it pizzed off the people in the official Ubuntu release channel so much, that they banned all talks about it but some thought it was funny that it was leaked there.

    Both the i386 and AMD64 versions were leaked. And they had a link to the official Ubuntu site with the MD5sums so people could check they are real.



  • Fernando Torres

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