Nice collection of themes for Gnome and Ubuntu-September2009-

Here is a nice collection of themes for Gnome and ubuntu for September 2009, most of these themes are just updated in this month or just published, so you will find themes that you see for the first time.

1- Sunna



Download Sunna Theme


Gotchione is a mix between two amazing themes: SlicknesS and KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME.

Download this Theme


3- monkeyMOD


Download this theme




4-Windows 7 basic theme lookalike

Download This theme



5-My Colorful Slickness

Download This theme


Links :





  • L4Linux

    I would really like the theme of KDE 4.3 “Air” on Gnome, since it is the best theme EVER by far. MS chose well by doing a rip-off of KDE for win7.

  • http://none anfi


    I really like the first (sunna) theme. Where can I get the wallpaper?

    Have a nice day!

  • zinovsky

    here is the link to download sunna wallpaper:

  • MARGUERITE22Delaney

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