Kongoni Linux- Another slackware based linux distribution

Kongoni GNU/Linux is a Slackware-based, desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution and live CD. Its main features include a graphical installer, a Kongoni Integrated Setup System (KISS), and an easy-to-use Ports Installation GUI (PIG). The distribution’s package management borrows its main concepts from BSD ports, with an intuitive graphical package installer that compiles and installs programs from source code on the user’s system. Kongoni, which means gnu (also known as wildebeest) in Shona, includes only software that complies with Free Software Foundation’s definition of software freedom.

To install Kongoni, you need first to download it from the download page then create a live cd.

Now start  liveCD

confirm auto config graphic   hardware

The liveCd welcome  desktop

Start the install KSI  kongoni  System installer

Partiton disk (/ and  swap)

Enter  a  hostname

Install  the  bootloader

Create a user for the system

When installation is finished, reboot the system.

login the  system

sht  from the  kongoli  standart browser IceCAT

port sybcronizer  and  packages  installer

{loadposition user9}