koffice 2.1.2 relased

KOffice is free software, meaning it’s open for anyone to improve and does not cost anything.

It’s created mainly by people in their free time Why don’t you return the favour by helping in any way you see fit: Report bugs, translate into your language, program, donate money, or write a piece for the user manuals.

the  contents of  Koffice  are:

KWord is an intuitive word processor application with desktop publishing features. With it, you can create informative and attractive documents with ease.

KSpread is a fully-featured spreadsheet application. Use it to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organize your data.

KPresenter is a powerful and easy to use presentation application. You can dazzle your audience with stunning slides containing images, videos, animation and more.

Kexi for integrated data management

KPlato for project planning

Kivio for diagraming and flowcharting

Karbon for drawing vector graphics

Krita for painting and image editing


Download  This  version from ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/koffice-2.1.2/koffice-2.1.2.tar.bz2  or  upgrade  it  from ur (upgate  manager)