Kernel 3.13.1 Has Been Released, How To Install It On Ubuntu

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Dear unximen reader,

In this tutorial I will show you how to install kernel 3.13.1 in your Ubuntu 32 bit machine. According to the offficial announcement all users of the 3.13 kernel series must upgrade.

The changelog:

- staging: comedi: fix result of memdup_user for user chanlist.
- GFS2: Increase i_writecount during gfs2_setattr_chown.
- ALSA: hda – Explicitly keep codec powered up in hdmi_present_sense.
- mm: Make {,set}page_address() static inline if WANT_PAGE_VIRTUAL/.
- extcon: gpio: Request gpio pin before modifying its state.
- staging: comedi: addi_apci_1032: fix subdevice type/flags bug.
- staging: comedi: adl_pci9111: fix incorrect irq passed to request_irq().
- serial: amba-pl011: use port lock to guard control register access.
- md/raid5: fix long-standing problem with bitmap handling on write failure.
- md/raid5: close recently introduced race in stripe_head management.

Download the .deb packages by running the following commands from the terminal.


Then use the following commands to install the .deb packages.

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.13*.deb linux-image-3.13*.deb

For questions please refer to our Q/A forum at :

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