Karmic Koala day at unixmen-Let`s save koala-

Today at unixmen.com is Karmic koala day, everything related to karmic koala , articles ,news will be published so stay with us and got the latest news. Also we decided to open the door to all Linux/Unix men to donate today to save koala , if 1 $ per person imagine we are millions of linux users,  imagine how many koala we kan save : https://www.savethekoala.com/


The website of Ubuntu is running to slow because the world is expecting the official release of Ubuntu named The Koala Karmic and the world is checking now if some thing new in The Ubuntu website ,I think there is no big changes between the RC release and the final release , but people not yet convinced and want the Final release .

If you have the RC release installed you can just upgrade to the final release.


Some few hours waiting will make the difference and will make the dream true for Ubuntu dreamers.

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