Jolicloud- A Cloud-Based Linux distribution with the brand new HTML 5 desktop

Jolicloud is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for netbooks. It is geared towards extreme user-friendliness so that any computer user can install it with just one click. Besides the standard ISO image, the distribution is also provided as a Windows executable file which can resize an existing Windows partition and install Jolicloud as an alternative operating system. Other Jolicloud features include heavy orientation towards web application and services, online backup option, web-based software installation interface, inclusion of proprietary hardware drivers and non-free media codecs, and extensive social networking features.

{xtypo_rounded_right1}”Jolicloud 1.1 makes this netbook load fast, lets you interact with friends and share and discover applications, enables you to easily access cloud-based services at the speed of light and simply never gets in your way.”{/xtypo_rounded_right1}

Few days ago, Tariq Krim announced the release of Jolicloud 1.1 and it’s packing big improvements over 1.0 which was mainly focused on getting the HTML5 interface in there.


Jolicloud 1.1 features

  • Works on all computers now, not just netbooks
  • Faster boot (10s – 20s) with graphic overhaul.
  • Faster suspend, wake and Wi-Fi establishment.
  • Out of the box 1080p HD video for dual core Atom N550 netbooks (720p HD Flash too, of course)
  • Better battery life than Windows 7 (example: 3:06 vs 2:40 on Windows 7)
  • Dashboard customization with beautiful background images
  • Simplified access to the computer settings
  • Ability to add any local app to your desktop from a Jolicloud device
  • Faster sign up and login using Facebook Connect
  • Improved user interface design

{xtypo_download}Download Jolicloud{/xtypo_download}

You can also try the Jolicloud experience online using Google Chrome:

Try it online Chrome Web Store


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Useful links: distrowatch, Jolicloud

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