Install Ubuntu 9.04 and ubuntu9.10 Karmic koala on a PC with Nvidia graphic card


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Before to start, if you want to install Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope in a pc with other grafic card than Nvidia then go here.For Nvidia cards , Many peoples who have a PC with Nvidia graphic cards find the problem to install Ubuntu on their pc, happen that when you try to run ubuntu live cd on a your pc with nvidia graphic card, you got a black screen, or when you try to install it directly, you got the same thing. In this tutorial we will explain you the steps you will have to follow to install first your Ubuntu and then install your Nvidia graphic card( in my computer I got Nvidia 8400GS). You can follow the same steps in this tutorial if you want to install Ubuntu9.10 karmic koala in a PC with Nvidia graphic card but you got a black screen (black screen after x splash). So If you got this issue before with Jaunty you will have it also when you will try to install ubuntu9.10 Karmic Koala (did happen to me with Nvidia 8400 GS).

If you don`t got black screen and you can access to your ubuntu but you want just to install nvidia drivers ,then please do this before to continue reading the rest of the tutorial:

If you tried before to install the nvidia drivers from the website , then make sure that the driver from are not installed, use the command bellow to unstall drivers from


sudo sh -uninstall

administration —>Hardware drivers (see bellow)



For ubuntu9.04 Jaunty Jackalope :

Activate restriction driver 180 and restart your computer so changes will take effect.


The driver will be downloaded and installed

- For Ubuntu9.10 Karmic Koala :


NB :  For Ubuntu Karmic koala , choose latest version 185

Note that for Karmic koala you have to add first the repositories and install the propriety drivers see here

Now look is Nvidia drivers has been installed and you can enjoy you Ububtu 9.04.

See the video :

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