install any HP printer in Fedora 10/11/12

How  to install  HP 5300   series  Printer in  Fedora 10  11  and 12   :


install  from  HPLIP  website  is  noy  yet  compatible  with  Fedora 11 . you  will get  errors  like   :

Running ‘make’
Please wait, this may take several minutes…

error: ‘make’ command failed with status code 2



chek   if  you  printer   is  suppported  from Hp company  :

Method 1 :


if  yes    download  the  driver  from her e:

download  the  hplip.3.9….run  make  it  executable   with chmod +x hplip-3….run

exucute it  under user acces    with   ./  (follow  the  procedure)  and  enjoy   it



Method 2  :


install  RPMFUSION-FREE  and  NON-FREE  for  Fedora 11

update  your  system

#um  update  -y

#yum  install  hpijs hplip  hplib-gui  hplip-libs    libsane-hpaio  -y



make the  printer  ON

Now  start   your  Hp device manager  with



or go  to System >administration> HP Device manager


Done  :)


Best regards

Unixmen  Team




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