install openssh in HP-UX

The  ssh server is  not  standart  in de  Hp-UX ,  lets give  some  steps   to  download  it  and  start  it  exactly

Download  these  packages:
OpenSSH xxxx

OpenSSL xxxx

from  or  from

Extract and rename to
Move to correct directory: mv /usr/local/lib/

make a  symbolik  link between  /usr and   /usr/pro   (ln  -s)

change  permission of  this   file

chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/

Now  install  the  openssk and openssh  wity  :

swinstall -s /full/path/
swinstall -s /root/temp/


The sshd daemon is preconfigured and starts after installation. The swinstall command installs HP-UX Secure Shell in the/opt/ssh/etc directory.

The /opt/ssh/etc directory contains the following files:

  • moduli

  • ssh_host_key

  • ssh_prng_cmds

  • ssh_config


  • sshd_config

  • ssh_host_dsa_key

  • ssh_host_rsa_key




Verify if  the package is  installed  with  :

 swlist │ grep T1471AA

The following output is displayed if the HP-UX Secure Shell software is installed successfully on your system:

T1471AA     A.04.40.005     HP-UX Secure Shell


the  deamon of  openssh  is  in  /sbin/init.d/secsh

you can stop start or  start  with  /sbin/init.d/secsh  stop|start|restart .  for old  HP-UX version   start  deamon here :

/usr/local/sbin/sshd &

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