Install media players in Linpus


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The  Linpus linux  is  based  to  Fedora  projetcs  .  installing   direct  from the  os  with  yum install  vlc or  yum install mplayer  should  not  be  completed  because  there is   some  missing  dependencies .

please  follow  this  way  to  update  and  install new  media player  and  other  packages :

go  to

download  rpmfusion  of  fedora 8 or  9    for   your  processor  i386  or  amd  X86_64

   $su  -
# rpm -ivh    


#yum  update
#yum install  vlc   mplayer   

Another methode to install vlc in linpus :We have just to  add the repositories  and install it via yum.

First you have to add some repositories to your installartion copy the 2 lines below to your terminal and click enter :

sudo rpm -Uvh

and then :

 sudo rpm -Uvh

 sudo yum install --enablerepo=kwizart-testing vlc vlc-core mozilla-vlc

If you want to make a shotcut on the desktop of your computer :

 sudo sed s/%U// -i /usr/share/applications/livna-vlc.desktop
dca add 12 "file='/usr/share/applications/livna-vlc.desktop'"

If you want to add themes for your VLC player you can download alll thems here

Please  let  me  know if  it   works  for you .  and post  any  other  issues  in the  forum

Your feed will be appreciated

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