LinuxMint8 Kde step by step installation for Newbies

Last week was announced the release of LinuxMint 8 Helena kde version, the news release comes with many important improvement. Anyone will install LinuxMint8 kde will got imressioned with the beauty of a desktop, it is a combination between the magic of the kde desktop and the beauty and performance of LinuxMint. Newbies this tutorial is for you, if you want to switch to Linux just give a try to LinuxMint 8 Helena kde version.

If you want to read about what new on LinuxMint 8 kde click here.

Now to install LinuxMint8 kde , follow the instructions bellow :

1- Run the live CD, when you have the screen bellow then click on the image on the desktop : Install LinuxMint8 then follow the steps as described on the screenshots bellow

2- Choose your language

3- Choose your Time Zone

3- Select your Keyboard Layout

4- Choose where you want to install Linuxmint :

This part is important,

  • if you want to install LinuxMint side by side to your windows then just choose (Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup),.
  • If you want to install it on the entire disk then select (Erase and use the entire disk) Becarefull by selecting this you will loose all your data on the hard drive
  • If you want to install LinuxMint on a specific partition you can then choose (Specify the partitions manually)

5- Insert your details

6- If you are ready click Install Buton

7-8 Installing the system

9- Installation finished restart the system and inject the cd/dvd

10- Now Login and enjoy the Beauty of LinuxMint

Video describing the first steps of installation :


If you need any kind of help don`t hesitate to ask by commenting the article or by posting in our forum.

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