Install Lighttpd in 4 easy steps

Lighttpd (pronounced lightly) is a web server designed to be fast, secure, flexible, and true to the standards. It is optimized for environments where speed is important, and therefore consumes less CPU and RAM than other servers. For all it offers, lighttpd is suitable for any server that has problems loading.


If you want to try this program you can follow these steps (we assume that you install in Ubuntu):

1. We install the needed packages (possibly need to install MySQL or PostgreSQL if you need them and still do not have one)


 sudo aptitude install lighttpd-doc lighttpd php5-cgi  

2. Enabling support for PHP (we respond with “fastcgi”)

 sudo lighty-enable-mod  

3. If you already have installed Apache we change the port that it will Lighttpd. For this first edit the configuration file:

 sudo gedit / etc / lighttpd / lighttpd.conf  

Then find the line that says: # server.port = 81 and change  it to  own  prive  port :

 server.port = 81  

4. Finally reboot the server:

 sudo / etc / init.d / lighttpd force-reload  

Now we agree to use our server as usual at “localhost” but using port 81: http://localhost:81

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