Install ITune in Linux in 6 steps


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This tutorial will help you to install iTune in linux in 6 steps, there are others ways to install ITune in linux like using for example PlayOnLinux for this one see this tutorial.

1. Download iTunes 7.3 from
2. Prepare Wine for itunes installation
if not installed then :
For Ubuntu use the command

 sudo apt-get install wine 


 If you`re using Linpus/fedora/red-hat/CentOS then type in the terminal:

yum install wine 

  After type the command :


Select your audio driver, it may be something like OSS or Alsa so use one u actually use Set Hardware Acceleration to “Emulation” option. All other Wine settings are per your consideration e.g. Graphics tab.
3. Update richedit30 (Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor):

cd  ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
mv richedit32.dll richedit32.bak
mv richedit20.dll richedit20.bak
wine richedit30.exe


Set richedit20.dll and richedit32.dll as native through winecfg.
4. $wine iTunesSetup.exe

It will open iTune’s installation program under wine so you just install itunes as usually you did it in Windows. If error happens just re-run installer.

5. Now you can start itunes and go through first run setup (all related screenshots are here). Just don’t care about errors thrown into the console:

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes
wine itunes.exe  


6. That was all, Now u can use iTunes in Linux as you did it before in other operating system.