Install ChromeOS in a USB Stick

ChromeOS Cherry released with new Broadcom/Ralink support and many bugfixes! Broadcom WiFi works, but you need to wait about 5 minutes after booting to connect to a network.

Diet Chromium OS is one of many Chromium OS builds, Diet Chromium comes courtesy of a UK student and programmer known as Hexxeh. Hexxeh explains that he constructed the build in order to “fill a gap that hadn’t been filled.” His Web site offers instructions on how to install the lighter Chromium build on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.If you are interested to install Google ChromeOS (Diet) in a usb stick, then follow the instructions bellow :

First we will need to Download Diet Chromium from here

From Ubuntu : Install Chromium OS to USB

First you need to install USB Image Writer using the following command

sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter

Now go to Applications > Accessories > Image Writer to open image writer.

Under write image select thechromiumos.img , to : Select your USB drive, then click Write to device.

For Other Linux distributions :

Linux Instructions for installing Chromium OS to USB.

Extract ChromeOS-Cherry.img and run the following command in the same directory as the file, where X is the device name of your USB drive.

sudo dd if=ChromeOS-Cherry.img of=/dev/X bs=4M

Now you can then boot from the USB drive.

Thanks to chromeosgeek

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  • Anonymous

    The title of this article includes the text “ChromeOS”, which makes me think it’s talking about an operating system. However, you also have this line:

    “His Web site offers instructions on how to install the lighter Chromium build on Windows, Mac and Linux machines”

    Exactly how do you install an operating system on another operating system?

    Is this article confusing the ChromeOS(the operating system) and Chromium(the web browser)? If so, OS != web browser

  • Rafael

    I tryed in my Acer Extensa 4420 it worked, Flash is not good (cbs, hulu) Pandora work fine. Thank you, good job.

  • hhhhhhhh

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  • LaPingvino

    Yes and no: the open source version of ChromeOS is ChromiumOS, and is in the Chromium project pages…