Install Gimp 2.7 (Single window ) in Ubuntu via repository

Gimp2.7 is not yet offiial but you can try it from devellopement, what dou  have to  do is :

From Gimp website :

GIMP 2.7 Release Notes
This is an unstable development version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Please realize that this is just a snapshot of the development tree. We are working hard towards GIMP 2.8, the next stable release. GIMP 2.7 is in no way a final product. A lot of new features are incomplete and some things may even be completely broken. If you need to get work done, please use the stable version, GIMP 2.6. For more information about this release please visit this link

Now if you want to test the features of GIMP 2.7, you can try to install it from a developement repository, just follow the steps bellow if you want to install it on Ubuntu 9.04 and ubuntu 9.10 :

1- First open the source list file :

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following repository to / etc / apt / sources.list if used

For ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope add the following line : jaunty main deb

For ubuntu 9.10  karmic koala add this line : karmic main deb

2- Now add the public key:

sudo apt-key adv - recv-keys - keyserver 405A15CB

3- Update the repos and packages:

sudo apt-get update & & sudo apt-get upgrade

4- If the GIMP open gives an error then do this

sudo apt-get install libgegl-0.0-0

I tested this on ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala and is working fine.

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