install from source tarbal in Linux

Question : how to install tar.gz of tar.bz2 or tgz files in Linux/Unix systems

answer : To Install file from source tarball

Download file : program .tar.gz or program.tgz

Extract the file to program with :

$tar  -zxvf   program.tar.gz
$tar  -zjvf  program.tar.bz2

Now go to the prgram


configure command, oddly enough, configures software for your computer and checks if you have everything needed for it to build

example :

*** GLib 2.0 is required to build Elisa ; please make sure you have the GLib


The make command compiles the software.


no go under root install the program

$su –
#make  install

in The same way you can install bz2 and tgz files

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