install and unistall Virtualbox in Linux

Virtalbox   is  supported  by  many  dustribution  like  fedora/ubuntu/debian/opensue/slackware/opensoalris  and  more …..

To  give  some  example  of  installations

In  RPM  based  distribution example  Fedora or Mandriva of  opensuse …


rpm -ivh (Fedora)rep

rpm ivh (opensuse)

rpm -ivh (mandriva)

ro  remove  the rpm package

Rpm -qa  | grep  -i virtualbox


rpm -e (packagename)


fpr  debian  based

dpkg -i virtualbox-3.1_3.1.6-59338_Debian_lenny_i386.deb

to  remove  a  debian packgae user  apt-get  remove  pckage

or  dpkg   -e debian-package 


For all  Linux  distro please  use :


make it  executable

chmod +x

then   run it  with  root  acces . like  this  bellow

how  to uninstall