Improve your ubuntu by a single click

ubuntu_icon.pngThis howto provides you supplement software to enhance your ubuntu9.04 Jaunty Jackalope (Work also for Ubuntu Interpid and Hardy). You can install these packages by copying the commands to your terminal or by just clicking the download link(apt://) the installation will be launched. This is not a security breach, since these packages are installed using apt-get and your configured repositories.

Installing packages :

-In order to keep your system on the right date and time, you have to install ntp

sudo apt-get install ntp

– Preload is a daemon running in background and loading the most used applications of your system into memory. By doing so, it reduces the application launch time at the cost of a light memory consumption. To use it, you only need to install the preload package:

sudo apt-get install preload

– Essential software

The tools listed below are the ones that really miss to the default setup of Ubuntu. You should not hesitate to install them :

  • alltray : This small software allows you to create a notification icon for any software (this is great with FileZilla and Totem).

  • comix : A comics archive reader. It is a great tool to display images from an archive without extracting it.

  • Dvdrip : A tool to backup your DVD movies as DivX by using transcode. It is very simple and really powerfull.

  • Easytag : A great tool to edit your MP3 and Ogg Vorbis ID3 tags.

  • filezilla : A great FTP client.

  • fortunes : The fortunes cookies to enlighten your day.

  • liferea : Gnome RSS feed reader.

  • Thunderbird : The e-mail client made by Mozilla. Make your Junk mail disappear XD.

  • miro: Miro is a free HD video player. It can play almost any video file and offers over 6,000 free internet TV shows and video podcasts.

  • Nautilus-open-terminal : allow you to open a terminal from the Nautilus context menu.

  • ttf-xfree86-nonfree : Multiverse non-free fonts.

  • unrar : This tool allows you to extract RAR archives.

  • Unace : This tool allows you to extract ACE archives.

  • Vim-gnome : The Gnome user interface for my favourite text editor: Vim.

  • Wine : A free implementation of the Windows API. Allow you to play many Windows games.

  • Xchat : IRC client.

  • agave : This software is a colour composer, it allowes you to find colours that go well together

  • kompozer : A WYSIWYG HTML editor to create your Internet site.

  • amsn : A MSN Messenger  for Linux.

  • gnochm : Microsoft Windows help files reader.

  • drapes : A little software that take place in the notification area and regularly change your background by picking in your image library.

  • subtitleeditor : This tool is a great subtitle editor that can be used to resynchronize subtitles with the video.

– 2D games

  • Atomix : A thinking game where you must build molecules using atoms… Review your chemistry and have fun.

  • Beneath-a-steel-sky : A point-and-click in a science-fiction universe.

  • btanks : A tanks battle multi-player game with a cartoon touch.

  • defendguin : Defender for linux… Save the penguins !.

  • fillets-ng : A commercial reflexion game became free. You guide a couple of fish across various levels.

  • Flight-of-the-amazon-queen : A point-and-click where you are a pilot flighting over the amazon jungle.

  • flobopuyo : A Puyo Puyo clone, a well known Tetris-like.

  • freeciv-client-gtk : A Civilization

  • frozen-bubble : A nice puzzle game where penguins replace Bubble Bobble ghosts.

  • gweled: A puzzle game really nice, for coffee pauses :

  • mirrormagic : A thinking game where you use mirrors to reflect a laser ray.

  • n
    : A multiplayer PacMan (but you can also play alone). If you are into oldies, this game is for you.

  • Pathological : A thinking game where to need to match balls of the same colours. 

  • pingus : A game where you must save a bunch of stupid little pets…. black, white, and yellow ;) (nope, not the blue, white and green ones).

  • powermanga : A shoot-them-up with a quite slow rhythm, but it is really addictive. You can by new weapons, new ships, … And the graphics are beautiful.

  • ri-li : A game where a train must get its wagons back in a rail-road maze.

  • wormux : Worms for Linux.

  • xwelltris : A 3D tetris. Strange.

  • wesnoth-all : One of the best turn by turn strategy game of the world (ttf-sazanami-gothic is recommended).

–  3D accelerated games

  •   Alien-arena : A FPS where aliens fight humans.

  • Chromium : A great OpenGL shoot-them-up.

  • glest : A Real Time Strategy game really nice.

  • gltron : A 3D tron game. Beautiful.

  • Lincity-ng : A SimCity clone for Linux.

  • nexuiz : A quality FPS.

  • extremetuxracer : One of my favorite game, involving Tux and a beautiful music.

  • Supertux : A super-mario like where Tux is the heroe.

  • supertuxkart : A Super Mario Kart clone where Tux is the heroe.

  • torus-trooper : A wired 3D shoot-them-up. Very fast, very fun and very addictive.

  • tremulous : A FPS where many species are at war.

  • vegastrike: A space combat simulation in the spirit of Wing Commander Privateer, X2 : The threat…

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