Howto Integrate reCAPTCHA antispam in Joomla contact and registration form


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This article is for peoples running websites using Joomla CMS. So if you are not a webmaster this article is not for you. Joomla contact component is not having anti spam protection feature. There is a nice plugin called JoomlaEZ’s reCAPTCHA Integrator that help you add recaptcha to your contact form and registration form in joomla. Follow the steps bellow to integrate reCAPTCHA in your Joomla :

Download and install the plugin :

Now, login to your Joomla administration panel and navigate to Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> System – JEZ reCAPTCHA Integrator then configure JEZ reCAPTCHA Integrator plugin as following:

Enabled: Yes
reCAPTCHA Public Key: your public key
reCAPTCHA Private Key: your private key
Inclusion Syntax: No
Auto-verify: Yes

a- Integrate reCAPTCHA at your joomla contact form :

First, go to your Joomla root directory and open to edit the file called default_form.php located at : components/com_contact/views/contact/tmpl/default_form.php

Now paste the code bellow in the line 64 ad discribed in the screenshot bellow.

global $mainframe;

Then save and close. Now open your joomla website and go to contact-us you will find reCAPTCHA there.

b- add recaptcha anti spam protection in registration form:

First, look at your template directory joomla-directory/templates/your-default-template/html to see if it override the com_user’s HTML output.

If you see the file com_user/registration/default.php inside above directory then please open that file with a text editor. Otherwise, open the file joomla-directory/components/com_user/views/register/tmpl/default.php.

In the text editor window / view port, look for something similar to:

Look for this line :

{codecitation}<button type=”submit”><?php echo JText::_(‘Register’); ?></button>{/codecitation}

Now Right before the line of code above, add following block of code:



global $mainframe;




and is done!

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