How to upgrade to Fedora 14 "Laughlin" from Fedora 13 & 12

This tutorial explains how to upgrade to Fedora14 from Fedora 13 &12.  Because your personal data is the most valuable thing in your computer, before to upgrade it is always a good idea to back up any data that you have on your systems. For example, if you are upgrading or creating a dual-boot system, you should back up any data you wish to keep on your hard drive(s). Mistakes do happen and can result in the loss of all of your data.


Remember to put the backup of your data on an external device (USB stick or CD/DVD.

Now, If you currently use Fedora 13, you can perform a traditional, installation program-based upgrade.

However, before you chose to upgrade your system, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
  • Individual package configuration files may or may not work after performing an upgrade due to changes in various configuration file formats or layouts.
  • If you have one of Red Hat’s layered products (such as the Cluster Suite) installed, it may need to be manually upgraded after the upgrade has been completed.
  • Third party or ISV applications may not work correctly following the upgrade.
Upgrading your system installs updated versions of the packages which are currently installed on your system.
The upgrade process preserves existing configuration files by renaming them with an .rpmsave extension (for example, The upgrade process also creates a log of its actions in /root/upgrade.log.

    Now, You made the backup ? Ready for upgrade ? If yes then lets start the upgarde to Fedora14. GoodLuck

    1- First Methode : Upgrade using preupgrade :

    The simplest way to upgrade an existing Fedora installation is with the preupgrade tool. When a new version of Fedora is available, preupgrade downloads the packages necessary to upgrade your installation, and initiates the upgrade process.

    First update you packge to latest version with :

    yum  update

    try again to check if you have the latste rpm (redhat packge manager)

    yum  update rpm

    Now install the upgrade package :

    yum install preupgrade

    Now always on the terminal, run the upgrade using the command :


    Then follow the steps as described in the screenshots:

    {artsexylightbox path=”images/stories/linux/distros/fedora14/upgrade/”}{/artsexylightbox}

    Note : if you have some dependencies issues . please remove the packages bellow



    2-2d Methode ; Upgrade from DVD Fedora14 (Offline upgrade) .

    When installing DVD please chose Upgrade instead of install and enjoy

    After upgrade is finished , reboot your computer. And Goodluck :)

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