How to upgrade to fedora 13

As everybody knows ,Fedora 13 is out, If maybe you still running the old version like Fedora 12 or 11 and you need to upgrade to fedora13, then you have to know that upgarding to this release is only possible from Fedora 12, if you are using an older version, you will need first to upgrade to Fedora11 before to go to 12.

Before to start the upgrade, remember that is important to take a look on the upgrade page of fedora before to upgrade , because you can have more advises about upgrade procedure.

Important :

  • The release files can currently be found on*.noarch.rpm
  • Testing shows that upgrading within X will cause X to hang when installing bitmap-fonts-compat, but it can be done anyway by making sure that bitmap-fonts-compat is the last package to update … YMMV.
  • /sbin/shutdown and /sbin/init do not function properly after the upgrade. To reboot your system, you must physically press the power button for 5 seconds, or have another method to initiate a powercycle (e.g. IPMI controller). (rhbug:577709 Note: It is reported there that kill -9 1 makes shutdown and init work. Please report any experience there.).
  • Intel video no longer works without Kernel Mode Setting (KMS). You must remove ‘nomodeset’ from your /etc/grub.conf kernel command line, if present.
  • nVidia video no longer works without kernel mode Setting (KMS). You must remove ‘nomodeset’ from your /etc/grub.conf kernel command line, if present.



Now Make a complete backup of any important data before performing an upgrade. Important data may include the contents of your entire /home directory as well as content from services such as an Apache, FTP, or SQL server, or a source code management system. Although upgrades are not destructive, if you perform one improperly there is a small possibility of data loss.

You made the backup ? Ready for upgrade ? If yes then let`s start the upgarde to Fedora12. GoodLuck

1- First Methode : Upgrade using preupgrade :

First update you packge to latest version with :

yum  update

try again to check if you have the latste rpm (redhat packge manager)

yum  update rpm

Now install the upgrade package :

yum install preupgrade

Now always on the terminal, run the upgrade using the command :


if you have some dependencies issues . please remove the packages bellow



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