How to reinstall Grub in linux

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This short Totorial shows you the snelest way to reinstall Grub


1- Boot off the LiveCD

2- Open a Terminal and type in the following command

su -c grub 

if doesen`t work try

sudo grub

This command will take you to the Grub prompt.

3- Now type the command bellow, this will return a location. If you have more than one, select the installation that you want to provide the grub files.

find /boot/grub/stage 

4- After type the command

root (hd0,0)

hd0,0 implies the first hard drive and the first partition on that drive,

IMPORTANT : Again use the value from the find command i.e. if find returned (hd0,1) then you would enter root (hd0,1)

5- type the command bellow  to install it on hd0, that is MBR of the first HD :

setup (hd0)

6- now exit



You will have to reboot your computer and remove your live cd, you should then find the grub back.

Please report if you encountred problems reinstalling Grub. Thanks

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