How to: Mount an ISO image under Linux without burning a cd


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An ISO image is an archive of an optical disk in a format ISO, the files typically have a file extension of .ISO . The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media.

Now we will mount an iso image in a linux operating system without burning a cd, to do that ,there are 2 ways available.

1 – without using the command line

Just make a right click on the ISO image file as described bellow :

-Right click on the iso image and choose : mount with archive mounter

The image will be mounted on your desktop

To unmount :

2- Mount an ISO image using command line

Command Method I

a – As root Create a directory (in my case isodir):

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/isodir

b- Mount the iso image ( my case i`m trying to mount slackware-12.1-install-dvd.iso) to the new directory :

sudo mount -o loop  slackware-12.1-install-dvd.iso /mnt/isodir

c- Change directory to the mounted one

cd /mnt/isodir 

d – List files stored inside the directory

ls -l


Command method II :

you can also mount the iso imageusing this command :

1- Create mount Directory

 mkdir isodir   

2- Mount the iso image to this directory using the command


 sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 Desktop/slackware-12.1-install-dvd.iso ./isodir



See also this howto in video :


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