How to make portsnap work behind a proxy in FreeBSD and PC BSD?

Question : How to make  portsnap work behind a proxy in FreeBSD and PC-BSD?

When i type the command bellow in FreeBSD or PC-BSD behin a proxy :

# portsnap fetch update

I got the error message bellow :

Answer :

First, If somes of you didn`t hear before about portsnap it is a :”A system for securely distributing the FreeBSD ports tree. Approximately once an hour, a “snapshot” of the ports tree is generated, repackaged, and cryptographically signed. The resulting files are then distributed via HTTP.

Now to resolve the issue above, open the terminal and under root type this command :

#setenv HTTP_PROXY http://username:password@proxy-host:port


#setenv  HTTP_PROXY http://James:[email protected]:8081

Now try again the command :

portsnap fetch update

The result is :

portsnap is working again behind the proxy.

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