How to install Moblin in Fedora 12

Moblin is an optimized Linux platform that provides a modern, engaging user experience for mobile devices, such as netbooks, MIDs, and IVI systems. Moblin has a common core of Application and User Interface services and APIs, which provide application developers a rich and consistent development environment across multiple device form factors.

Install Moblin desktop :

  • From the command line

1- Open a terminal .

2-Install the Moblin group:

su -c 'yum install @moblin-desktop'
  • From the graphical package manager
  1. Go to System > Administration > Add/Remove Software (PackageKit).

  2. In the left side pane choose Moblin desktop.

  3. Click Apply to install the package set.

  • ken

    Please show how to do this for Ubuntu. This ui is the best idea i have seen in a long time.

  • Temi Remy

    please, i have tried installing moblin on fedora 12 using su -c ‘yum install @moblin-desktop from a cd, but is giving error message that the repository is not found, could some kindly tell me what i may be doing wrong. i
    best regards.

  • zinovsky

    The command is correct [url=]See this link[/url] perhaps you have a dependency problem, can you please copy here the output of the error message you got ?

  • pirat9

    Using the command line
    1.Open a terminal (shell).
    2.Install the Moblin group: su -c ‘yum install @moblin-desktop’
    Using the graphical package manager
    1.Go to System > Administration > Add/Remove Software.
    Note: the name of the Add/Remove Software application is PackageKit.
    2.In the left side pane choose Moblin desktop.
    3.Click Apply to install the package set.