How To Install KOffice in Kubuntu 9.10

KOffice is a cross-platform office suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). All its components are released under free software/open source licenses and use OpenDocument as their native file format when possible. The latest version of KOffice is 2.0.2, which was released on August 13, 2009. KOffice is released separately from KDE and can be downloaded at the KOffice homepage.

Bellow we will show you how to install the actual pre-release the KOffice2.1 RC1.

Follow the steps bellow to install Koffice2.1 RC1 :

1-  Open Terminal and type the command :

sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list

For Ubuntu users change kate with gedit

2-  Now add the lines bellow to the sources.list file :

. deb karmic main
deb-src karmic main

3- Add the GPG verification key :

. sudo apt-key adv –recv-keys –keyserver 8AC93F7A

4- Now refresh the installation using the command :

sudo apt-get update

5- Now install Koffice 2.1 RC1 using the command :

sudo apt-get install koffice-kde4