How to install adobe reader9.0 on linux


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To Install adobe9 on linux, please follow the steps bellow :

First go to

 Choose adobe reader , then download the .bin file

in my case I save it on my desktop

Now we have to make the .Bin file executable, use the command :

chmod u+x AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486linux_enu.bin  

now run the installation by the command :



Extracting files, please wait. (This may take a while depending on the configuration of your machine)

This installation requires 144 MB of free disk space.

Enter installation directory for Adobe Reader 9.1.0 [/opt] adobe  Here choose the name of directory

Directory “/home/zinovsky/Desktop/adobe” does not exist.

Do you want to create it now? [y] y  Here answer yes y


Installing platform independent files … Done

Installing platform dependent files … Done

Setting up libraries … Done

Setting up desktop and menu icons … Done

Setting up the browser plugin … Done


and is done