How to install 3D-Desktop using Bery


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This  tutorial will show you how to install 3D-Desktop using Bery

Get the latest NVIDA drivers running


First off all I recommend downloading the latest Nvidia driver from the following website. Make sure to download the correct driver according to your hardware specification


Save the file in your download directory and get root permissions, make the nvidia driver package executable like this:



chmod 777 (use your downloaded file)


Before we go further, please check if you have the necessary software installed on your Mandriva box using the urpmi command. If you do not know how it works, please read here.

We need the following packages:

  • Mesa
  • mesa-demos
  • compiz
  • task-3ddesktop
  • kernel-source


urpmi mesa mesa-demos compiz task-3ddesktop kernel-source


Urpmi will take care for dependencies. I had to install 11 packages.



Remark: Make sure to install the correct kernel source. Double-check the installed kernel with command uname -a


It’s time to install the Nvidia driver. Shut any X window session down, otherwise the installer will later complain about it:




Switch to your Download directory, get root permissions and run the installer. Follow the instructions to configure your drivers. The script will change the xorg.conf settings also.


cd /home/user/Download



You can later (if necessary) uninstall the drives like this:

./ –uninstall


Restart your Linux box and you will see the Nvidia logo while booting the machine. After the reboot make sure to configure the resolution and colour depth correctly.


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