How to control a computer remotely using Gnome vnc server


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This how to show you how to  control a remote computer with Gnome VNC Server, 

We will start by setting the preferences of remote Desktop performance, to do that go to

Menu  :   System–>Preferences–>Remote Desktop

Check the folowing :

Allow other users to view your desktop

and set up a password  : Require the user to enter this password


Then click Close. you can now control the computer remotely.

Now  you will need something like vncviewer installed in your computer, if it is not installed then install it using this command :

for Debian, ubuntu, LinuxMint…

sudo apt-get install vncviewer 

 After vncviewer is installed, type the command bellow to control the computer remotely, what you will need is the IP address of the remote computer, we suppose that the IP is then the command will be 


 You can see the steps in video bellow :


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