How-To: Clone or Copy a Virtual Disk in Virtualbox

This problem happened to me  when i tried to duplicate disks on Virtualbox , i wanted to share this information with you so if you got this issue you know how to resolve it:)




first i  made a copy of working image  VDI using the command :

pirat9@linux-ab6e:~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks> cp   ubuntu.vdi  ubuntu2.vdi


Then i tried to create a new guest OS  with  this  ubuntu2.dvi  disk :

To  reslove  this  issue  . you  have  to  make  a  diffecrent  UUID  for  the  cloned  disk

Open terminal and go to the directory  where the  new  disk  exist and  type this  command  :

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid


pirat9@linux-ab6e:~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks> VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid    ubuntu2.vdi
Sun VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 3.1.4
(C) 2005-2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

UUID changed to: d7e1f066-aa02-45ef-a50a-ada4e7ae8d4a



Now try again to add the disk, is working :)

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