How to change login screen in Ubuntu 11.04


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How to change login screen in Ubuntu 11.04 ?

Answer :

to do this  you need  the Ubuntu Tweak. lets  chow you   how  to perform this :

1 : Download the Application – Ubuntu Tweak from it’s website.

Download Ubuntu Tweak

2 : Install it by opening with Ubuntu Software Center (Right Click -> Select) or from Command Line. TO install from command line type -

sudo dpkg -i  ubuntu-tweak_0.5.14-~natty1_all.deb

3- Now, start Ubuntu Tweak, go to main menu

4-click on Login Settings and enter your login password to unlock it first

5-now click on icon  or background images that  you  want

Now  exit  to the login page  to  check the  image is changed