How to add 117 new effect to your Gimp2.6


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gimp.logo117 new Gimp effects are available for download at Gimp FX Foundry, a SourceForge project, these effects are not part of the standard Gimp installation.

Between the 117 scripts you can find effects such as blurring, distorting,Roy Lichtenstein effect, planet render effect, Here is the complete list of the effects


For the installation is easy,but for a Linux a beginner can be a problem to locate the folder of Gimp (hidedden on home directory for example) that `s why will explain more with shotcuts and a video 

1- go to download the latest scripts package

2- Now extract the package to the folder script in your Gimp2.6,to know the correct folder where to install the scripts
launch gimp, go into the menu
Edit->Preferences then Folders->Scripts

In my case see pic :


You can extract it using this way (see steps in the video at the bottom of this page) :

Open the package you downloaded and click on extract , if gimp dosent appear in your home directory, mean is hidden folder, to show the folder , right click on the screen and check : Show Hidden folders,

Gimp folder will appear , open it install inside script folder


After you extract the scripts ,open Gimp2.6 ,you will find the scripts under FX-Foundy


Video :

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