Hausse- Rest in peace


Mats Geier known as “Husse” has passed away. Husse was a member of Linuxmint team : “Many of you knew him as “Husse”. He was everywhere, especially on the forums, making sure everyone was welcome and that every question was answered. I remember he used to keep an eye on the “unanswered threads” list and would even reply to some of my team announcements with “replied” just to make sure it wasn’t getting in the way of him supporting everybody that might need it. He was also taking care of the weekly newsletter and he was starting to triage bugs on Launchpad. Husse was also helping with the testing of the ISOs as much as he could and he was a very important member of our team. When the community


grew, he filled the gap between the users and the developers and he was the one bringing important things to our attention, and keeping us close to you all. He was passionate, he was extremely friendly and he’ll be missed tremendously.” Mint Blog


I was posting frequently links of tutorials related to linuxmint on their forum, but one time one of the tutorials was deleted, i contacted hausse as usually, so this was the last email i received from him :

Re: My post was deleted

Sent: Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:35 am
From: Husse
To: zinovsky

That post was reported as spam, and I agreed
But on a second thought links to your site is not spam
Feel free to post again, but do take a moment to make sure your post is not spam-alike

Our condolences to friends ,family, linuxmint team and to all who knew and cared for Mats.

Unixmen Team