GRUB 2, default Boot Loader in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

GRUB 2 will be the Boot Loader in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

“We do not expect to be changing the boot loader for existing installations, at least not at this time; this is an inherently risky operation. (Remember that we don’t even automatically reinstall the boot loader when we upgrade to new versions of GRUB Legacy, let alone when changing to a complete reimplementation.)” – Colin Watson said in the official announcement.

This is a very good idea, and users of all Linux distributions should replace their old GRUB boot loaders with the next-generation GRUB 2 one, if they didn’t already. Why? Simply, because GRUB wasn’t updated since 1996 and it doesn’t have support for today’s BIOSes. But, let’s see exactly what GRUB 2 will bring new to the table:

· Support for newer systems;

· Scripting support;
· Internationalization support;
· A new way to number partitions;
· Improved memory management;
· Cross-platform installation support;
· Graphical user interface;
· Portable;
· and many more.

Read the official announcement