Great collection of mouse themes

Here it is a collection of nice mouse themes, the installation is easy, is can be done like you install any other theme.

Go to System –> Preference–> Appearence  then click install. See video at the end of this article.



1- ComixCursors



2-  E-Cube



3-  JadeDreams



4- Flame



5-  WhiteTube





See Video :


Links :

  • LG

    You forgot one of the most downloaded mouse themes of all time over at gnome-look: Obsidian Cursors
    As of right now 21:11 (-6 GMT) it is ranked number 4 with 80233 downloads. I believe its worth recognizing.
    Link: [url][/url]

  • Al

    Any ideas where to get lefthand cursors? I have to use my mouse with my left hand. I have switched the buttons and would like the cursors to slant in the other direction. Thanks.