Google presents Chrome Mac and Linux Versions

Google  c hrom  its  was   a  just     for  Windows  which has more than one years available, were so far only experimental Linux and Mac versions available, Google is advised against use by consumers.

Google Chrome is a browser developed by the Internet company, similar to eg Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The company through its Chrome speed especially suitable for the use of modern, interactive web applications such as online office software, photo editing or co.

The internet has interest in the development of these browsers, since it is increasingly active in these web applications.


Along with the Mac and Linux versions of Google Chrome also presented the first extensions to the browser. Such optional additions, users can extend the functionality of the software.

On a special website has more than 300 extensions for Chrome to find. There are extensions to Twitter to follow, Flash blocking, synchronize bookmarks or automate repetitive tasks.

For Firefox is already such a rich ecosystem of extensions: there are many tens of thousands available. This is an important factor in the success of that browser.


Not all Chrome users can have extensions available. Google has the system for the Mac version is not complete. About Chrome on Windows or Linux, the extensions are installed.